“Having found Mr. Gulledge after a hiatus from singing, I have found in him a coach who has helped mold me into an even better artist. From basic tonality to artistic coloring, he advises his students on achieving success in their passion for music, understanding ones personal weaknesses and using them towards their own benefit. His passion for music and desire to see his students thrive are what really make him an outstanding vocalist, coach, mentor, and friend.” -Angel Santiago

“Mr. Curtis Gulledge has changed the way I look at music… I would not be the singer I am today if it were not for his expertise, way of teaching and overall great vocal coaching. He has taught me so many ways to take of my voice, enhance my technique of singing and even how to practice better. ” – Briseida Ubillis

“When I first started working with Mr. Gulledge I was so shy and afraid to sing in front of him. He made me feel so comfortable and confident till now I look for extra time to sing with him. He continues to boost my confidence level every week while giving constructive criticism to allow me to grow vocally. I love working with Mr. G.” – Ester Olivo

“In the short time that I have been a student of Mr. Gulledge I have improved my tone, range and confidence” – Rebekah Haddock

“I have opened up a lot more and can do things with my voice I have never done before” – Michael Basco

“Everyone that I talk to has noticed an improvement… I have noticed a major improvement. My vibrato is better. My diction is better. He is just amazing, amazing, amazing.” – Victoria Mancusso

“In my senior year because of Curtis Gulledge I was in my first school musical, learned to play the guitar, and fell in love with music. On top of all that I moved from being a very shy and reserve person, to being very open and vocal.” – Nick Garcia